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Wolds Way Lavender Honey

Wolds Way Lavender Honey

This Wolds Way Lavender Infused  Honey is a must! Not surprisingly its one of our best sellers. Exclusive to us and produced from nature’s store, by the resident bees on and around our lavender farm. The honey is infused with our own Wolds Way Lavender.

YorkshireHoney and Lavender over the centuries have been renowned for their healing properties. Combining the two together makes an excellent, delicious and healthy product, guaranteed to get the taste buds watering!

To purchase our Lavender Honey you will need to call 01944 758641 during the day time to purchase.

Did you know?

There are two types of Lavender Honey

1;- Lavender Honey that has been made by the Bees pollinating  mainly Lavender Flowers. There are not many areas in England with enough Acres of Lavender to produce Lavender pollinated Honey. Other Honeys you may see advertised are Heather Honey, Borage Honey, Rapeseed Honey Etc. The main Lavender Pollinated honey producing area within the EU is in southern France. It should be  noted that just because the Honey is pollinated on a certain plant, that it does not necessarily taste of that plant, but  it does have its own unique taste / consistency. Bee keepers move their hives many miles at different times of the year following the different flowering seasons .

Yorkshire2;- Wolds Way Lavender Infused Honey is based on a Honey that is warmed with the Lavender flowers in it so steeping the flavour of the Lavender into the honey The honey is then strained before bottling. The infused Honey does have the flavour of lavender along with a combination of both the benefits of Lavender and Honey

You learn something new everyday!!!

Here at Wolds Way Lavender we boast “The Largest Beehive in the world”. You can check it out at

The Largest Beehive in the World aty Wolds Way Lavender

The Largest Beehive in the World at Wolds Way Lavender, North Yorkshire.